Women in Poker: The Magnificent Five

Women in Poker: The Magnificent Five

It’s always interesting to hear about the achievements of the gentler gender. In this article, we will showcase five of the most successful ladies in the game of poker.

Girl Power

Do you know what we believe in? The upcoming rise of women. It has been the hot topic for a couple of years now, and ladies across the globe are trying to make a statement. The damsels have broken the glass ceiling, and there is nothing to stop them on their path to becoming badass professionals in every field of life.

The fairer sex can do anything as well as men can, and sometimes, even much better. It’s quite a shame that the achievements of women are still taken for granted. The point of this is that ladies can do anything, and we don’t need to be surprised how they managed to succeed.

Having this in mind, games of chance are no exception. The rule of men in this area has been shaken, and fellows, be warned — these ladies are dangerous opponents. Moreover, as the years go by, female poker players participate in more and more poker events, such as the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Therefore, we are proud to present top female poker players of the modern era. Learn all about them with us and admire their sacrifices and the amount of effort each of them has invested in being among the respected poker players.

Liv Boeree (United Kingdom) — $4 Million

Liv Boeree 4 millionThis charming girl happens to be the only female participant to have won big events such as the World Series of Poker and the European Poker Tour. Liv is also the proud owner of a WSOP bracelet, which she won in 2017 in Tag-Team event, accompanied by the Russian player Igor Kurganov.

She has earned more than $4 million solely from playing poker and various tournaments. We have to mention the fact that even though Liv represents PokerStars and is an undisputable poker wiz, her many talents don’t end there.

She has a degree in Astrophysics and has been a star of multiple TV appearances. This includes Liv being a host of some big poker tournaments, but also some other non-poker TV shows. We have to mention this lady is a real sight for sore eyes too. It seems she has the whole pack — both cake and the cherry on top.

But wait, the list doesn’t end here, because this Supergirl has a heart of gold. Namely, Liv also started a charity called ‘Raising for Effective Giving.’ So far, this institution has donated over $6 million to the ones in need.

Annie Duke (USA) — $9 Million

This impressive lady has a catchy nickname — ‘Duchess of Poker.’ Aside from being a top poker player, Annie is also a business founder and author. Her tournament participations are admirable, but this is not the only reason why she is in the top five female poker players.

Her set of skills would put any opponent to shame since she plays at a high level, like a real poker pro that she is.

Annie Duke has a WSOP bracelet for winning the 2004 WSOP Tournament of Champions, along with the 2010 National Heads-Up poker championship. She was the main woman in poker for a long time, as well as a legend of the World Series. However, her record was beaten recently by Vanessa Selbst.

Thanks to her talent, Annie decided to share her top-notch tips, tricks, and strategies in her books, such as ‘The Middle Zone’ and ‘Decide to Play Great Poker.’

On top of that, this lady has founded a charity called ‘Ante Up for Africa’ to help the poor African nations. Annie Also co-founded the ‘Global Poker Index’ and ‘Epic Poker League.’

Kathy Liebert (USA) — $6.89 Million

money_These days, Kathy isn’t as active as she once was. Instead, she keeps a low profile. Nevertheless, she earned herself a spot on this list for a reason.

Namely, back in the days, Kathy had a fantastic track record in the prevalent high-stakes poker tournaments. She has more than $6 million earned in her poker career, mainly from live poker tournaments. One of her many records is at a particular World Series Main Event, where she ended up in 17th place.

In 2004, Kathy received a WSOP bracelet from the Limit Hold’Em Shootout event. She has even won the 2002 Party Millions, and this tournament added one million dollars to her bank account.

Vanessa Rousso (USA) — $3.5 Million

When we mention legendary women in poker, Vanessa Rousso cannot be neglected. She has been a member of PokerStars pro team from 2007 until 2015. Vanessa has built a recognizable image for herself — designer sunglasses, a cap, and headphones. She is successful in both tournaments and cash games, and even though she hasn’t won a WSOP bracelet yet, her total winnings are over $3.5 million.

She has proven herself in online poker as well — she got a second place finish during the WCOOP Main Event, back in 2007. This brought Vanessa more than $700,000.

Vanessa Rousso appeared on TV on several occasions. She participated in Big Brother and ended up in third place, back in 2015. On top of that, she was also a host in Poker After Dark series. Additionally, she became an ambassador for GoDaddy, an internet hosting giant, and even published for American Poker Player.

Vanessa Selbst (USA) — $12 Million

vanessaNamely, Vanessa made the headlines because of a bluff that poker professionals and the vast majority of the public considered crazy. If only the bluff had worked, we believe that she would have been proclaimed a genius poker mastermind. Nevertheless, this unfortunate event cannot swing her rock-solid reputation and the fact that she is our number one on our top five women in poker list.

Vanessa Selbst stands as the only woman in poker ever to have held the top position on the Global Poker Index. Throughout her career as a professional poker player, she has earned over $12 million and still counting. She won three WSOP bracelets in total, and we don’t have the slightest doubt about her future achievements.

Honorable Mentions

Other than these amazing ladies listed above, we cannot be proud of our article if we leave out some other extraordinary woman of the poker world. Maria Ho, Annette Obrestad, Joanne Liu, Jennifer Harman, Loni Harwood, and Victoria Coren Mitchell.

We hope that you are now more aware of these ultimate poker-faced and fearless ladies. Every single one of them deserves our ultimate respect for taking a seat at the poker table and making a fantastic career instead of staying home, cooking, cleaning, and whining. We can only say this — way to go, girls, you are the perfect examples of what it takes to be a successful woman in a man’s world.

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